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LED Street Light - LENDA series

LENDA series

LED Street Light - Lenda series

LENDA series

LED Roadway & Street Light

>145lm/W 60-235W 5 Yrs Warranty L70>100,000 Hours
LED Street Light - Lenda series

LENDA series LED Street lightdesigned by famous team, managed by rich experienced specialists, and controlled by strict quality system, combines robust
construction and high quality materials, guarantees lifetime, high energy efficiency and excellent lighting performance with innumerable advantages.

LED Street Light - Lenda series

LENDA mini 60W, 90W, 120W

LENDA 150W, 180W, 210W, 235W

The two size of the luminaire provides different power range to replace
the traditional lamp up to 400W

LED Street Light - Lenda series

Super Light Efficiency

>145lm/W makes more than 80% energy savings and

>100,000h life span allows more than 80% maintenance savings vs Sodium/MH

LED Street Light - Lenda series

IP66 and IK08

The ultra-clean tempered glass sealed optical assembly and the electrical
compartment meet dust and moisture rating of IP66 per IEC60529, ranking
IK08 per EN62262, ensure long life and protection from the environment.

LED Street Light - Lenda series
LED Street Light - Lenda series

Post-top and Side-entry

The mounting system fitted to 40-60mm (O.D.) poles and mast-arm. Capable of free adjustment of 0, +5,
+10 for post-top and +15, +10, +5, 0, -5, -10 for side-entry mounting.

Application Situations

Apply in highway, expressway, primary road, subordinate road and some other roads, along with square, sports ground, parking lot, etc. It is specialized design for road lighting.

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  • Factory

    Sports grounds

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    Parking lots

Product parameter

OEM & ODM are acceptable!

Model LDA24 LDA36 LDA48 LDA72 LDA90 LDA90 LDA108
Number of LEDs 24 36 48 72 90 90 108
Rated Power (W) 60W 90W 120W 150W 180W 210W 235W
Input Voltage (V) 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz, Class I or Class II (12/24VDC available)
Power Factor & THD PF≥0.95, THD≤15%
Surge Protection 10KV
Wattage 60-235W
Luminous flux 8700-34075lm
Luminaire >145lm/W
Calculated L70>100,000h @ Ta 25ºC (77ºF)
Color Temperature 4000K / 5000K (+/-300K)
CRI 70min
Work Temp. -40~50ºC (-40~122ºF)
Warranty 5 years limited

Optical & Photometric Data

LED Street Light - LENDA series
Cat. No. Input Voltage (V) CCT (K) Rated Lumen (lm) Rated Power (W) Efficiency (lm/W) L70 @25 ºC Driver Life @25 ºC
LDA24 220-240Vac 4000K/5000K 8700 60 145 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA36 220-240Vac 4000K/5000K 13050 90 145 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA48 220-240Vac 4000K/5000K 17400 120 145 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA72 220-240Vac 4000K/5000K 21750 150 145 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA90 220-240Vac 4000K/5000K 26100 180 145 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA90 220-240Vac 4000K/5000K 30450 210 145 >100,000h >100,000h
LDA108 220-240Vac 4000K/5000K 34075 235 145 >100,000h >100,000h

Dimension & Weight

LED Street Light - LENDA series

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