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LED Street Light - INTESOLAR series


LED Street Light - ITS series
LED Street Light - ITS series


Integrated Solar LED Street Light

Integrated design PIR & Microwave sensor Multiple bracket
  • LED Street Light - ITS series

    ITS8 8W

  • LED Street Light - ITS series

    ITS15 15W

  • LED Street Light - ITS series

    ITS30 30W

Absorbing the inspiration and power from universe, this integrated solar-powered LED street light covers an optimal combination of green energy. It integrated with micro controller, PIR sensor and other controlling technologies. All in one structure enables brighter effect at low power, long lifespan, maintenance free, and convenient installation.

LED Street Light - ITS series

Integrated design

  • Integrated design
  • Easy for components replacement
  • Convenient installation
  • Cost-effective

Intelligent controller can fit PIR or Microwavesensor,
ensure the effective lighting.

  • LED Street Light - ITS series

    PIR sensor

    Detection range: under the light 8-10m
    (standard configuration)

  • LED Street Light - ITS series

    MICROWAVE sensor

    Detection range: 360 degrees, 0-15m

  • LED Street Light - ITS series


    adjust vivid light mode

LED Street Light - ITS series

Powder coating art for better anti-corrosion and anti-aging effect

IP65 rated for superior resistance to water and particles


  • ITS8

  • ITS15

  • ITS30



Multiple brackets and mounting angles are available to maximize versatility in installation and application.

  • Post-Top Fixed Angle

    Fixed Angle

  • Post-Top & Side-Entry Angle Adjustable (-90~+90°)

    Post-Top & Side-Entry
    Angle Adjustable (-90~+90°)

  • Yoke mounting Angle Adjustable(-90~+90°)

    Yoke mounting
    Angle Adjustable(-90~+90°)

  • Side-entry Fixed Angle

    Fixed Angle

Application Situations

Widely apply in subordinate road, street, industry, park, village, remote area, courtyard, school, square, and some other outdoors lighting areas.

  • Branch


  • Factory Road

    Factory Road

  • Remote areas

    Remote areas

  • Parking lot

    Parking lot

Product parameter

Product Model ITS8 ITS15 ITS30
Power 8W 15W 30W
Solar Panel Power 17.5W SCS 30W SCS 75W SCS
Battery Capacity 9.6AH LiFePo4 16AH LiFePo4 32AH LiFePo4
Luminous Flux 1273 2445 5210
Dimension (L*W*H) 538*283*177 mm 677*367*254 mm 1063*526*259 mm
Luminous efficacy ≥160
Beam Angle 150°x70°
IP Rating IP66
Discharge time 7-8h effective charging time, ≥12h total power/ Smart mode 4-5days
Solar cell efficiency ≥17%
Mounting Height 4~6m
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
Diameter 50~60mm
Warranty 3yrs

Product features

  • 1

    Integrated design and convenient installation;Easy components replacement and cost effective.

  • 2

    Smart controller with PIR sports sensor ensures luminous performance.

  • 3


  • 4

    Waterproof connectors with foolproof color design can prevent going wrong.

  • 5

    Diverse light arms are suitable for different latitude and different light pole installation.

  • 6

    Wind-resistant Level: 65m/s, Certificate No.:JK-FG2016W018

  • 7

    Powder coating design for corrosion prevention over 500hours.

LED Street Light - ITS series

Luminaire operation situation (adjust time and brightness as needed)

Being suitable in Factories, mines, oil, chemical workshops, storerooms, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition Hall and other inflammable and explosive places for lighting.

  • daytime


  • Sensor idle

    Sensor idle

  • Heat source movement

    Heat source movement

Product parameter


Turn on when the illuminancy
below 100lux
Induction time Sensor idle Heat source movement
0-4 hours 100% 50%
4-6 hours 60% 30%
6-12 hours 50% 20%
daytime off automatically

Products dimensions

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