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LED Flood Lighting - LSF series

LSF series

LED Flood Light - LSF series

LSF Series

LED Flood Light

Standard: 130lm/W

Hi-efficiency: 150lm/W

LED Flood Light - LSF series

Input Voltage: 220-240Vac 50/60Hz

Power: 60W/120W/180W/240W/300W

LED Flood Light - LSF series
LED Flood Light - LSF series

High cost-efficient

The compact design optimizes the construction, provides a very cost-efficient product
and guarantee the proper performance and durability.

LED Flood Light - LSF series

Perfect heat dissipation

Pure aluminum heat sink is low weight and provides perfect heat management, guarantees
the Tj temperature of LED chip less than 80C @ Ta=25C for long lifespan of the LED.

Standardized LED module allows for fast maintenance and upgrade

LED Flood Light - LSF series

Long life span

PHILIPS LUMILED LED technology is applied for 50,000h long life,
which will work and last over 12 years.

LED Flood Light - LSF series

Super light efficiency

The high light efficiency 150lm/W and the super cost-efficiency shorten
down the electricity bill sharply with low investment.


LSF series luminaire is applied for buildings, commercial plaza, bridges, billboards, sport grounds, etc.

  • Buildings


  • Commercial plaza

    Commercial plaza

  •  Bridges


  • Streets


  • Sport grounds

    Sport grounds

Product parameter

OEM & ODM are acceptable!

Model no. LSF1 LSF2 LSF3 LSF4 LSF5
Wattages 60W 120W 180W 240W 300W
Philips LumiLED 3030 LED LED Qty 56pcs 112pcs 168pcs 224pcs 280pcs
Initial Flux 7800lm 15600lm 23400lm 31200lm 39000lm
Efficiency 130lm/W
Philips LumiLED 5050 LED LED Qty 28pcs 56pcs 84pcs 112pcs 168pcs
Initial Flux 9000lm 18000lm 27000lm 36000lm 45000lm
Efficiency 150lm/W
Input Voltage 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz
CCT 4000K/5000K (+/-10%)
CRI ≥70
Optics 30°, 60°, 90°, Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V
Life span L70>50,000h (Tj≤80ºC, Ta=25ºC)
Working Temp. -40~55ºC (-40~131ºF)
Storage Temp. -40ºC to 85ºC
Warranty 3 years limited
PF >0.95
THD <15%

Optical & Photometric Data

  • LED Flood Light - LSF series
  • LED Flood Light - LSF series
  • LED Flood Light - LSF series
  • LED Flood Light - LSF series
Model No. LED type CCT Rated Lumen (lm) Rated Power (W) Efficiency (lm/W) L70 @25 ºC Driver Life @25 ºC
LSF1 3030 LED 4000K/5000K 7800 60 130 >50,000h >50,000h
LSF1 5050 LED 4000K/5000K 9000 60 150 >50,000h >50,000h
LSF2 3030 LED 4000K/5000K 15600 120 130 >50,000h >50,000h
LSF2 5050 LED 4000K/5000K 18000 120 150 >50,000h >50,000h
LSF3 3030 LED 4000K/5000K 23400 180 130 >50,000h >50,000h
LSF3 5050 LED 4000K/5000K 27000 180 150 >50,000h >50,000h
LSF4 3030 LED 4000K/5000K 31200 240 130 >50,000h >50,000h
LSF4 5050 LED 4000K/5000K 36000 240 150 >50,000h >50,000h
LSF5 3030 LED 4000K/5000K 39000 300 130 >50,000h >50,000h
LSF5 5050 LED 4000K/5000K 45000 300 150 >50,000h >50,000h

Dimension & Weight

LED Flood Light - LSF series

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