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LED High Bay Light - GLORO series

GLORO series

LED High Bay Light - Gloro series

GLORO series

LED High Bay Light

PHILIPS light source

60-200W 5 Yrs Warranty >50,000h life span
LED High Bay Light - Gloro series

Gloro High Bay Light is designed with energy conservation, high luminance and long lifespan. Adoption of high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy materials with special surface treatment has better heat dissipation of inner light board to lower juncture temperature of light source, which extend its lifespan for more than 50,000 hours. And it adopts constant current power supply with high efficiency, low heat and high accuracy of constant current. It also features unique structure, high efficiency and green technology.

LED High Bay Light - Gloro series

PHILIPS light source :

High-quality light source and energy conservation over
60% compared to traditional products.
Luminous Efficiency: 100lm/W(S) 120lm/W(H)

LED High Bay Light - Gloro series

Mean Well Driver

Built-in active PFC function,
IP67/IP65 design for indoor or outdoor installations,
Built-in 3 in 1 dimming function.

LED High Bay Light - Gloro series

IP65:Made of aluminum alloy with high strength, great
anti-corrosion and weatherability, perfect heat
dissipation; prevent from thunderstroke

Light Distribution Curve

Application Situations

Being suitable in Factories, mines, oil, chemical workshops, storerooms, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition Hall and other inflammable and explosive places for lighting.

  • Factory


  • Factory

    Highway toll stations

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  • Factory

    Gas stations

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    Chemical workshops

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    Exhibition halls

Product parameter

OEM & ODM are acceptable!

Product Model GLR60 GLR100 GLR150 GLR200
Power 60W 100W 150W 200W
Input Voltage 220-240Vac
Working Current 0.3A 0.5A 0.75A 1A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Factor 0.95
Total Harmonic Distortion <20%
CCT 3000K-6500K
Luminous Flux 6000lm(S) 10000lm(S) 15000lm(S) 20000lm(S)
7200lm(H) 12000lm(H) 18000lm(H) 24000lm(H)
Luminous Efficacy 100lm/W(S)
CRI   80
Beam Angle 25°、60°、100°
Light Transmittance 0.92
IP Grade IP65
Surge(KV) 4
Operating Temperature -40~50℃
Lifespan 50,000h
Dimension (Φ*H) 345.4 *321.6mm 345.4*341.6 mm 345.4*371.6 mm 345.4*421.6 mm
Net Weight 7.54kg 7.69kg 9.58kg 13.55kg
Gross Weight 10.48kg 10.63kg 12.73kg 16.7kg
Carton Size 56 x 33 x 45.5cm 56 x 33 x 49.5cm 56 x 33 x 55.5cm 56 x 33 x 65.5cm

Product features

  • 1

    Adopt high-quality LED as green light source with energy conservation over 60% compared to traditional products.

  • 2

    Long lifespan over 5 years in normal environment.

  • 3

    Equipped with soft and well-distributed interior light along with brighter luminance. Great color rendering and more authentic performance of object color and more choices of different light colors can meet different environment requirement.

  • 4

    A instant start, no glare and no noise.

  • 5

    Light body is made of aluminum alloy materials with high intensity, great anti-corrosion and weatherability, best heat dissipation and prevention for lightning strike.

  • 6

    Green technology conforms to the standards of RoHS.

  • 7

    No radio interference and free adjustment of Luminance.

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