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Development History

    In 1998

    BBE founded in Shenzhen

    In 1999

    LED traffic countdown light showcased in Tiananmen Square for National 50th anniversary. Obtained ISO9001 Quality Management Certification.

    In 2000

    Issued the first intelligent control traffic product.

    In 2002

    LED traffic lights won a great many patents in design and application.

    In 2003

    LED traffic lights installed cover 50 cities in China.Became among the largest enterprises in LED traffic light industry.

    In 2006

    Involve in design, manufacture, and marketing LED street lights. Became Shenzhen High-tech enterprise. First LED street lights project accomplishment in Mexico.

    In 2007

    Fully engaged with LED street lights as export-driven enterprise.

    In 2008

    Became National High-tech Enterprises. High-power LED street light was selected as one of the national key new products.

    In 2009

    Exported more than 130 countries as among the largest LED street lights exporters.

    In 2010

    Extended from professional LED product manufacturer into energy conservation solution provider. High-power LED street light won the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Award.

    In 2011

    Established Shenzhen Qingfeida Energy Technology Co., LTD. High-power LED street light was listed in National Torch Plan.

    In 2012

    LED tunnel lights entered National Torch Plan project. Implemented the first Energy Management Contract project. Became a famous brand in Shenzhen.

    In 2013

    Won enterprise title Observe Contract and Keep Promise in Guangdong province.

    In 2014

    BBE’s LED lights become brand-name products in Guangdong. Become top-100 independent innovation enterprise in Longhua district.

    In 2015

    Introduced strategic investors.

    In 2016

    Founded branch companies in Guiyang and Hunan. Won the SMEs Sci-Tech innovation award in Longhua district.

    In 2017

    Founded BBE Construction and Development of Smart City Company. Obtained Intellectual property certification.

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