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    BBE LED street light for the industrial area

    BBE LED street lights, LS5, were used in the oil industrial area in Saudi Arab, including parking area, walkways and driving roads.They provided excellent lighting performance and saved energy significantly.

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    BBE LED street light for the industrial area

    This area is a local oil giant company’s industrial area, considering the LED’s super energy saving and long life characters, supported by the comprehensive lighting solutions we provided.It is in the center of the desert, the temperature goes very high up to nearly 45C in the day but goes down to about 10C, it requests very high quality of the lighting products.

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    BBE LED street light for the industrial area

    After few months testing of BBE LED street light LS5, the client was very confident with our producrs. It took about one year to install all the street lights.They saved about 60% energy comparing to HPS, which was so important when the oil price goes down sharply in the recently year.


Model LS5

Saudi Arab

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